VIDEO VAPOR™ services for production and distribution of videos in the field of management training, business training, and discussion of issues in the field of medical administration and patient services; as well as video production and video film production.

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Low-cost explainer videos don’t work. They damage your brand. Overpriced production videos look great, but they don’t convert sales. We have an affordable and fast solution that significantly increases website conversions through storytelling.

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Three simple steps to success. Don’t waste time and money on overpriced videos or outdated explainer videos; they simply don’t work. Our simple three-step process delivers compelling videos that drive website conversion, and that results in a significant return on your investment.

Step one. One hour discovery session about your business, product or service. This gives us the powerful insights we need to build out an amazing script that drives conversion. Our scripts are written by award-winning documentary film makers and number one bestselling business authors.

Step two. We provide you with up to three revisions of a world-class script that will be used by the professional narrator to tell your story in the video. Once approved we move on to step three.

Step three. We record the professional voice actor narration and then we add the video assets to create an incredibly powerful video that turns site visitors into customers.

It’s just that simple.

Once we deliver your video you can use it across social channels and on your website to build your brand and most importantly to drive sustainable revenue growth.

Oh yes, there’s one more thing… It’s guaranteed! If you don’t like what we produced simply delete the file, and we will either redo the video or refund all of your money no questions asked.


We put our pricing front and center. Our award-winning filmmakers will write direct and produce your 2-3 minute, promotional film for just $4,900

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